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Our thorough inspections include the following aspects of the property. The inspection is limited to what is visible, and when appropriate we will refer conditions for review to qualified experts for repair or further analysis, and note as such in the written report. View our Inspection Contract here. For more on limitations, see our Standards of Practice.


BuildingexterioriconBuilding Exterior & Grounds

Patios, Decks, Exterior drainage, Wall Cladding, Flashing, and Trim; Exterior Entry Doors; Windows; Decks, Balconies, Stoops, Steps, Areaways, Porches, Patios, Patio Covers and Applicable Railings if present; Grading and Vegetation, Drainage, Driveways, Walkways and Retaining Walls(with respect to their effect on the condition of the building ); Eaves, Soffits, and Facias; Garage Door(s) and Operators(openers); Garage floor, ceiling and walls including firewall separation and occupant door to inside.

chimney_rooficon2Roofing, Structure, & Fireplace/Chimney

Roof Coverings; Flashings; Sky Lights, Roof Penetrations, Roof Ventilation, Roof Drainage.

Foundation type; Structure Type, framing, floor, walls and roof.

Chimney Exterior, Spark Arrestor, Firebox, Damper, Hearth Extension.

electric_plumbingicon6Interior, Plumbing, & Electrical

Ceilings, Walls, Floors; Steps, Stairways and Railings; Counters and Cabinets; Interior Doors; Windows.

Supply & Drains, Gas System, Water Heater, Most Faucets and fixtures.Drainage System; Water Supply and Distribution System and Fixtures; Hot Water Systems, Controls, Chimneys, Flues and Vents; Main Water Shut-off Valve and it’s location; Fuel(gas) Storage and /or Distribution Systems, piping, venting, and Main Fuel Shut-off Valve and its location.

Main Panel & Breakers, fixtures & outlets. Service Entrance Conductors; Service &  Grounding Equipment; Main Overcurrent Device(breaker); Main and Sub Panels;  Branch Circuit Conductors and Breakers and their compatibility; Connected devices and fixtures; Grounding and Polarity; GFCIs; Main Panel Location; Presence of Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

ventilationicon2Heating/AC & Ventilation/Insulation 

Air Conditioning Systems and it’s components and controls. Heating & Cooling Equipment and its normal operating controls, Ducts and Distribution System; Combustion Air, Condensate Drains, Exhaust, Flues and Vents.

Presence of Insulation in Attic and/or Floor; Ventilation in Attic and/or Floor; Venting Equipment for Bath, Kitchen, and Laundry, Fans.

kitchen_iconBuilt-In Kitchen Appliances

Operate and Observe – Dishwasher, Range, Oven, Hood Exhaust, Trash Compactor, Food Disposer.




poolicon3Pools & Spas

For an additional fee, we inspect Pool, pool deck, pump, filter and equipment; lighting and automatic controls; skimmer and associated plumbing; drains and fittings; wiring, grounding, and bonding of pumps and equipment; presence of fencing, gates and alarms.


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